The European Commission's buildings with flags in front

Key challenges for the future of autonomous delivery in Europe

Earlier, we’ve outlined some of the major challenges that autonomous delivery faces, and also some of the possible solutions and […]

LMAD robot next to a bike lane

The future of autonomous delivery: challenges & obstacles

The future of urban logistics and transportation will most certainly involve the use of different types of autonomous vehicles. And […]

LMAD's robot on a bridge in Helsinki

Can autonomous delivery robots be used for both B2B and B2C use cases?

The last mile (or the last stretch) of the delivery route to the end customer is both challenging and expensive, […]

Stocked warehouse

Autonomous delivery use cases & solutions: drones, trucks, cars, robots

Autonomous robots for the last mile (our main focus at LMAD) are only one of the many available solutions for […]

The European Parlament's hall

Autonomous delivery legislation in the EU and in the US

The technology behind last mile autonomous deliveries is making huge leaps forward, but the legislative infrastructure to support and enable […]