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LMAD’s 2021 in review: what we achieved & what we’re working on next

Published: January 14, 2022 - Last updated: March 17, 2022

In 2021, we achieved a lot, and we’re excited to tell you more.

We worked on 3 pilot experiments, on which we’ll continue to work in 2022, when we’ll also add a fourth one, in the center of a French city.

We’ve also been publishing on our blog our insights on the autonomous delivery market, regrouped around a few key topics: legislation, use cases and solutions, its future, and our experiments.


Our experiments: B2B and B2C deliveries in different settings

In 2021, we’ve been working on three experiments in France and in Finland, for both B2B and B2C last-mile deliveries, where we’ve been developing POCs (proofs of concept) for different scenarios, both on private industrial sites and public areas. As we’re among the first robot-agnostic companies in Europe, our solution can adapt to any fleet of robots, based on our clients’ needs, use cases, and experience.

LMAD robot next to a bike lane

Our robot in Helsinki, during the test phase of our experiment with DB Schenker

In all our experiments, we’re aiming to show logistics providers how they can harness the potential of different autonomous delivery technologies. While the tech hasn’t yet reached maturity, for logistics providers it’s important to start building the operational framework, in order to be prepared to act fast when deployments start picking up across the industry, and remain competitive.

The three pilot experiments we’ve been working on in 2021 are:


In 2022, we’ll work on an experiment with a Level 4 autonomous vehicle in the center of a French city. We expect it to be a major breakthrough for the French autonomous delivery landscape.

LMAD's robot with a person next to it on EDF's campus

Our robot during the test phase of our experiment with EDF

What’s up with autonomous delivery in 2021: our insights

In 2021, we also published a few articles about autonomous delivery for the last mile, analyzing the challenges and its future from different perspectives. Here, you can find our most important insights on the autonomous delivery sector, organized around a few key topics, with links to each article:




Key solutions, actors, and use cases in autonomous delivery


The future of autonomous delivery

In 2022, in parallel to working on our latest pilot experiments, we’ll continue publishing our insights on these topics, so stay tuned for the most exciting content on autonomous delivery.

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